Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated Before & During Your Local Move

If you have a big move coming up and you are as anxious and stressed out as you are excited about it, you are not alone. Most people have mixed feeling when thinking about a move, and they tend to feel overwhelmed by their emotions and find it difficult to stay motivated. Setting straight forward goals will considerably help. But remaining motivated throughout the entire process is often times more difficult said than done. And losing motivation usually means losing that spark that had kept everything flowing according to the plan. You may also need a certain kind of positivity so you can keep making progress through the many difficult steps of your move. But once you find what makes you tick, you need to learn how to hold on to it and use it to your best advantage.

Tip #1: Write Down Your Timeline Of Goals

  • Writing down your main goals on a piece of paper will not suffice if you want to do things the most effective way possible. Instead, create a timeline for your goals so you can remain motivated.
  • Your goals are the ones that will guide you through the process, but adding a timeline to them will save you from any last-minute surprises. Goals are also considered an excellent source of positive reinforcement, since their completion will let you know that you are closer to completing the move. Find meaning for each of the goals and minigoals you will set and understand exactly why it is important to you to complete them. This will help you accomplish them and stay motivated.
  • Make a list of chronological goals following the logical string of actions you will need to do. Give yourself time to find the right moving company, do all the shopping, and set up your phone line, internet and cable services at your new home. Once you will see everything written down, things will start to fall into place and seem more real and palpable.

Tip #2: Delegate Responsibilities

  • Rely on the rest of the members of your family to help you out with various chores. This should help you remain focused and calm.
  • Even the kids can receive certain chores, appropriate for their age, including packing and cleaning their rooms.
  • Instead of struggling to deal with everything on your own, you can delegate and free up time to take care of the most critical tasks that you feel you should take care of by yourself.
  • You will feel less overwhelmed when you will know you can pick up the phone and call the person responsible for a certain task and check their progress.

Tip #3: Stay On Top Of The Game

  • You got this, you can do it. Thousands of people relocate on a yearly basis, and you can do it too, hassle-free.
  • Focus on staying hydrated and eating healthy, nutritious meals. Make time for your needs as it will help you keep a clear head and a focused mind. You will need to preserve all your strength for the moving day.
  • Set up a motivational playlist on your phone and use it, as it can help you push through your tasks a lot easier.

Tip #4: Hire Professional Movers

  • Find a reliable moving company and get rid of many of the tasks that were stressing you out. If you do not have a van or a large truck you can use to carry your furniture to your new address, and you have lots of boxes to pack and unpack, professional movers like the guys at New York Local Movers are just what you need.
  • They will not only lighten your load, but also help you achieve your goals a lot sooner and on a more positive note. Simply giving them a call and asking what they can do for you should make you feel a lot calmer and confident that you will make it.

Tip #5: Project Positive Images

  • Focus your attention on the final results, the way your new house or apartment will look like and the happiness you will experience once you will set foot in it. Picture all of your furniture and home items in place or in their proper storage space.
  • If you have a spouse or a significant other helping you with the move, turn into a cheerleader for one another. Use plenty of “good job” comments.
  • Stay away from negative news and images. Turn off the power and stop checking the news, email, or watching television if you are easily affected by world events.
  • You should also avoid playing computer games or staying on the phone for too long, as it will distract you from your tasks and disrupt your moving flow.
  • Hide all distractions, but do make time for rewarding breaks. Rest and recharge your batteries so you can stay motivated and upbeat. Set up pleasant rewards like ordering pizza or having a beer once you complete a bigger task.
  • Invite people over to your new home; this will be a powerful motivator that will make you push yourself to get everything done as initially planned.

Call (917) 633-4767 and hire a professional team of movers who can cater to all of your local or long distance moving needs. They know the New York neighborhoods by heart and they can help you safely and quickly transport your goods any distance. They also provide safe and affordable storage facilities, packing and crating services and high quality wrapping and protective materials.

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Moving During The Holidays: DOs&DON’Ts

Most people who despise moving could be also suffering from a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychologists say. When a person is stressed out and does not have the necessary resources to fight against their OCD, their disorder is prone to flare up. Moving is a time of ultimate stress, chaos, and things getting out of control. Therefore, the stress of planning a move is seconded by the struggle to reinstate a sense of peace and normality. There is an urge to go back to a time when things felt safe and looked familiar – when all furniture and personal belongings were exactly where they belonged inside the house, and everything was in order.


But you do not have to be suffering from a form of OCD to experience the torment of a move. Anyone who does not have the necessary time, energy, moving van, and packing supplies needed to set up a move is prone to feel overwhelmed. This is where professional local movers in New York like us come into the picture. We have the right tools, transportation means, skills, and expertise needed to turn your next move into a pleasant, hassle-free transition. And we promise to do it with a smile on our face, and a friendly attitude! Even if you’re planning a move right before or even during the holidays, it doesn’t have to feel like a lost battle.

Moving During The Holidays: DOs

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or the 4th of July – you never know when that big work promotion might come up and you’ll be forced to move in the nick of time. Or when that amazing apartment you have been spotting for a few months is finally up for rent/sale at a price you can finally afford.

Now let’s face it. Before a big holiday, big cities like New York tend to get paralyzed. The roads are jammed nonstop, and setting foot in a department store trying to buy items for your move might turn into a hunt for the Holy Grail. Or something doable in a parallel universe, perhaps. However, there are a few things you can still do to ease the process:

  • Start planning ahead as early as possible. Overlap the old lease and your new lease by at least a week, if possible. This will give you the extra time needed to plan your move down to the last detail.
  • If you cannot do this, at least start to pack and clean the place in advance. The time might be inopportune to say the least, but if you cannot postpone the move, you will need to try your very best and get things done.
  • Find out what stores are open, and when. Are the movers available for work during the holidays? What about some nearby grocery and department stores? You will eventually have to eat once you will reach your new home. Plan everything around these limited work hours and brace yourself – there will be a lot of “closed for the holidays” signs displayed all over the place.
  • Anticipate your needs and schedule everything well ahead of time so your new home can be ready to receive you upon your arrival.
  • Set a clear date with the movers and packers. Make sure you have electricity and heating active during the move. Moving during Thanksgiving or on Christmas means dealing with freezing cold temperatures and shorter days with less natural daylight. Since you cannot pack and clean your place up while shaking from the cold or with no lights on, make sure you take care of these important details firsthand.
  • Talk to cable guys and internet technician and have them install all of the basic services prior to your arrival at your new address – and before the holiday season kicks in.
  • Set up a small area in your current home that will only be packed in the last minute. Use it as a space to relax, meditate, do things that help you regain your peace of mind and forget about the stress of the move for a few minutes a day.
  • Gather all important documents in a single location so they are readily available when needed.
  • Accept help. Learn how to ask for help and get it from friends and relatives. Call professional moving services like ours and let us figure out all the packing and transportation details for you. It is our job and the thing we specialize in. Plus, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg either.

Moving During The Holidays: DON’Ts

  • Do not forget all about the holidays. Do not allow the moving to completely drain you and prevent you from enjoying the holiday like you would normally do. Set time aside to do the cooking and cleaning and welcome your guests in your new home.
  • Do not ignore the weather forecast. Moving during the cold season can mean dealing with difficult driving conditions. Plan the transition of your belongings a few days ahead of a blizzard or heavy snowfall.
  • Do not forget to set time aside for your goodbyes. Get ready for the emotional discharge, but do not let it throw you off balance.
  • Do not hesitate to call New York Local Movers and have them handle your move with care, professionalism, and top-notch moving supplies. We can provide you with local and long-distance moving services. We can assure you that we know the neighborhood by heart and we can handle jobs in the five boroughs and surrounding areas. Rely on us to navigate through New York City’s traffic and parking efficiently, even during the holidays.
  • Don’t avoid using our safe and affordable storage facilities for easy loading and unloading. They are climate-controlled spaces and can be used on the long or short term, for your most valuable items.
  • Don’t try to handle all the packing and crating on your own. We can provide you with a partial or full packing service and only use the highest quality wrapping and protective materials.

Give us a call (917) 633-4767 and get a free estimate today, or send us a message and we will get back to you in no time and plan your holiday move.

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New York Is A Great Place To Live But Can Be A Bit Dangerous Too

When you’re moving to New York you have to take into account the violence that is going on in some areas of the state. Just today there was some unrest and it’s spilling over into other parts of the country as well. 

Keep in mind, if you’re coming from a location in the Country that has guns laws that favor the 2nd amendment, New York is not one of those places. We in New York also have to keep our eyes open because there are many people out there who want to take advantage of the size and stature of the state. 

Below is a story about what is happening. 

If you’re moving to New York Get a Free NYC Mover Quote

New York City bombing suspect may have cased Chelsea before blast – CBS News Thu, 22 Sep 2016 22:59:00 GMT

CBS NewsNew York City bombing suspect may have cased Chelsea before blastCBS NewsAnother bomb that was removed from a piece of luggage and placed on the sidewalk a few blocks away failed to detonate. Rahami was also accused of placing a pipe bomb along a charity racecourse in Seaside Park, New Jersey, that detonated earlierᅠ…Accused New York bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami remains unconsciousNew York Daily NewsFlagged Two Times in 2014, Ahmad Rahami Passed ScrutinyNew York TimesWife of New York Bomb Suspect Ahmad Rahami Returns to USWall Street JournalReutersᅠ-NBCNews.comᅠ-The Vergeall 6,589 news articlesᅠ»

Read more …

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A Complete Guide to Moving to NYC with Ease

To many, NYC is where you move to make it big. NYC is the Big Apple, and thousands flock to this island every year, for an experience steeped in culture and unlimited opportunity. This guide is dedicated to those movers who find themselves hesitant to take such an enormous city on uninformed. If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime, a fast paced life that never runs out of gas, days and nights of infinite activities and fun, and the chance to make almost anything of yourself, this is the place to go. As the Frank Sinatra song states with beautiful accuracy, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” There are any number of reasons to move to NYC, some of a financial nature and others simply for the seemingly unending string of great eateries that line every street.

There is an incredible amount of success stories, from business moguls to Hollywood stars, of people who shot to the top after a move to this city that never sleeps. To the mover who enjoys the prospect of a challenge, the occasional thrill, and a chance at dreams made reality, there is no better city to live. Between the unparalleled historical sights you will see when navigating the city on your bike, the nightlife of Manhattan which is always just a subway stop away, filled with clubs, shops, and beautiful housing, and the unrivaled theater with every genre in existence, you will never find a day without something to do or someone to see.

Gas is Extremely Expensive, and You Can Kiss that Nuisance Goodbye

Gas prices are infamous for sudden rises and drops without any apparent reason behind them. In the beautiful, easily navigated grid of NYC, taxis are as common and reliable in their punctuality as the minutes in a day. Gas prices may be low now, but any subtle shift in the gas industry can and will send those numbers through the roof. In NYC, residents take taxis, ride bikes, or simply walk to their destination with ease. This is an especially fantastic reason to move there, as you will inevitably live a healthier lifestyle even with the most sedentary nine-to-five job.

Play it Smart and Educate Yourself with Visits Prior to Moving

The smart NYC local mover does more than simply research online, as there is so much more to the taxi laden streets of NYC than can be found on the web. Visit the areas you are most interested in, give yourself firsthand experience with the locals, and take the time to shop at the neighborhood stores. The parks are a never-ending parade of beautiful greens and bountiful colors, and it is a great idea to walk through them at different times of the day. Take a ride or two on the subway, or stay late and take a taxi to the nearest clubs to absorb the culture and the nightlife. There are thousands of groups and organizations of like-minded people who can introduce you to the wonders of NYC that tourists frequently miss out on. If you are interested in building a network of friends and companions with similar interests, you will find no shortage of such individuals waiting to welcome you to their home as one of their own.

There is no Lack of Culture and Diversity in this Spectacular City

NYC is the original melting pot of America, and its ports bring in people from all walks of life. In just a week of life in NYC, you will taste foods, dance to music, and meet more people than you never dreamed possible. If you are an individual seeking to leave a small town life filled with dreaded conformity, this city has amazing places available for your enjoyment. Local areas like Spanish Harlem, Curry Hill, and Korea Town will throw you into what will feel like another country with a seamlessness that you will swear is magic. Never again will you be forced to suffer through a plate of subpar “orange chicken” created for the taste deaf to enjoy. Instead, find your palate tantalized with an endless stream of authentic, delectable cuisine from around the world. Leave your hesitations behind and fix yourself a plate.


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Moving Insurance

Moving? Thinking about doing it without moving insurance? That’s a risky decision that could cost you in the end. Even if you have hired a reputable moving agency, making the investment in a moving insurance policy is the smart thing to do.

The U.S Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) states that every moving company is liable for the amount or value of anything they transport. Meaning, there is no guarantee your items will arrive intact, but it does mean that they are responsible for any damage they cause. Many moving companies provide “valuation”, but that is not the same as insurance. It may be a part of your contract, so it looks like there are no extra fees. This may be appealing if saving money is a factor, but a false sense of security as damages are common especially while moving long distance.

There are levels of liability, two, basic, that every moving business must offer: “released value.” and “Full value.”
Full value protection: The mover holds the responsibility for the full value of the shipment. This is offered for an extra fee, the mover is left with these choices: replace, repair or give you the cash value for any damages.

Released value: Free of additional charge, this greatly lowers the amount the moving company is then obligated to pay should something become damaged. This option ensures that the company is only held responsible for up to a faction of the item’s value based on it’s weight, at 60 cents per pound for each damaged item. For example, say you own, and are having, a 25-pound bookcase worth $500 that is moved and gets damaged, it is the mover that is then obligated to pay you $15 ($0.60 x 25). You would be required to sign and agree to the conditions of a waiver prior to the move, if you opted for this. The requirements of valuation are not regulated at a state level, they fall under federal jurisdiction.

It may seem overwhelming, so here are a few things to consider when committing to moving insurance:

Know what you’re agreeing to. Once you have signed a bill of lading agreeing to the terms, you will have no legal recourse, should something go wrong.

There are many reputable insurance companies, including third-party insurers. Call your home insurance provider and ask if they have any recommendations. A little extra footwork on the front end can save you major headaches in the long run.

So something went wrong and your favorite chair got ruined in the move. The good news is that you were smart enough to get insurance! But be sure to file your claim within 9 months. After 9 months, the time limit has expired and you are stuck with a broken chair and no way to pay for a new one.

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. And to good furniture. But bad things can be made right if you take the steps to acquire moving insurance. Research and hire a reputable NYC moving company, and make a timely claim if the moving company damages any of your household goods.

Don’t take the risk…get moving insurance. It’s a relatively inexpensive one-time investment in your peace of mind. Our moving consultants are ready to discuss in detail the best optional moving insurance for your upcoming move!

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